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Kevin German
❝ Animals are not just living things; they are beings with lives… that makes all the difference in the world…next time you are outside…notice the first bird you see…you are beholding a unique individual with personality traits, an emotional profile, and a library of knowledge built on experience…what you are witnessing is not just biology, but a biography.

— Jonathan Balcombe Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals (via allthateverwasorwillbe)

❝ When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

— John Muir

~ peaceful vibes only ~
how I feel after a bright clear morning, gardening in my robe.
We Are Born And We Die by Squinch Owl


The Seed Market
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Can you find another market like this?
Where, with your one rose
you can buy hundreds of rose gardens?

for one seed
get a whole wilderness?

For one weak breath,
a divine wind?

You’ve been fearful
of being absorbed in the ground,
or drawn up by the air.

Now, your waterbead lets go
and drops into the ocean,
where it came from.

It no longer has the form it had,
but it’s still water.
The essence is the same.

This giving up is not a repenting.
It’s a deep honoring of yourself.

When the ocean comes to you
as a lover,
marry at once,
for God’s sake!

Don’t postpone it!
Existence has no better gift.

No amount of searching will find this.

A perfect falcon,
for no reason
has landed on your shoulder,
and become yours.

— Rumi


a picture of my friend when we tried to escape.

“Life, like nature, has a way of providing exactly what you need when you need it most.”

Bug in my muesli, bug in my coffee

RIP bugs